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The show 'Chicago' is a larger collection that is available to present as a solo exhibition.  Only a portion of the show is available here as a preview.  After a solo exhibition has been presented - the entire show will be released.  This image is part of the preview.

The show:  Chicago

It is through the show titled 'Chicago' in which my impressions of the city are offered.  I have lived in the stereotypical suburbs, among the rolling, graceful farmlands and in the chaotic and concentrated urban center of the city.  It is in Chicago that I discovered an unexpected energy force created by and embodied by the city.  A feeling of captivating excitement that something was going on, that something was happening, that the city itself was alive.  At the same time, the city provides moments of repose, of contemplation and peace.  This juxtaposition of hushed solitude within the context of the vibrant, engaging city has always represented unique, quieting and profound moments for me – moments in which the city is right there, but frozen in time, silent.  Those fleeting, quiet moments represent my impressions of the true nature of Chicago and what this work hopes to capture.