The work at Play Projects is done by Allison and Michael Veltman.  We are a husband and wife team that collaborate on everything together including artistic vision and direction, policy, logistics and production.  Although most of the photography is captured by Michael - style, processing and selection are parts of the process that we both engage in.  This is truly a joint venture between the two of us. 

Allison and I have recently begun a new, exciting chapter of our work.  We have begun experimenting with an acrylic painting process.  We use a pixilation style of painting and paint on the canvas together at the same time sitting side by side.  We periodically switch seats to allow us to blend our individual techniques into a truly unique style.  We are looking to produce more of this work in the coming future.

Much peace, love, happiness ........ and art ....... from us to you.


Michael Veltman:  I love photography and the potential of art that it holds.  I look to experiment with a variety of techniques and approaches as my own style and vocabulary evolves and develops over time.   I think that is an essential part of growing as an artist.  Much of my work looks to be indeterminate in order to connect with the viewer and hopes that the viewer is able to complete the story in their own way and form their own connection with the work.     

I am a photographer, an artist and an architect.  I was born and raised in the suburbs on the south side of Chicago.  I attended the University of Illinois in Champaign Urbana where I studied architecture in both the BSAS and the Master’s program with a focus on architectural design.  Professionally, I work as an architect on a variety of projects with a focus on high-end residential work.  Through architecture I have come to appreciate balance, composition and a holistic approach to work, life and art.  My career has afforded me many opportunities to travel and gain access to unique viewpoints locally, nationally and abroad. 

While I was studying at the University of Illinois, I was able to take a photography course and a variety of art introduction classes.  The photography class was an old school film developing in a dark room and manual print type of experience.  The art classes covered watercolor painting, drawing and ceramics among other disciplines.  It is in photography that I found a true calling.  In 2012, I entered and fully embraced the digital age – all photos taken, displayed and printed are now digital. 

I am self-taught aside from the introductory class taken at University.  I have learned a great deal from many present day incredible artists and photographers that are producing phenomenal work worldwide.  Reading and research has taught me fundamentals including perspective, composition and alignment.  There are many different ways that art can be powerful and profound and some of the best art involves multiple elements or discoveries that work together in concert.  I think that photography, art and architecture are all disciplines in which we are best to think of ourselves always as students in a lifelong process of learning.  I know I do.