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The show 'From A Cab In The Rain' is a larger collection that is available to present as a solo exhibition.  Only a portion of the show is available here as a preview.  After a solo exhibition has been presented - the entire show will be released.  This image is part of the preview.

The show:  From A Cab In The Rain

The rain always quiets and softens the city.  It renders the chaos of urban life in a subtle and abstract brush, creating a backdrop that enables a person to reflect on their own life in a meditative way.  As the cab races along the streets, the moments of life and happening along the way become frozen and blurred.  Moments that are compressed in sequence and appear in a burst of a fraction of time before regaining their position in line and receding into the past.  Only by slowly down, examining and reflecting are we able to acknowledge each moment as an individual.